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Disclaimer: This Wiki is a design template for a university assignment, this wiki is based on a fictional company using relevant economical statistics.

Group DiscussionEdit

Any comments on report structure, information, quality, expectations posted in here.
Name: Comment
Phillip: If editing another persons work in the report itself it would probably be best to make a duplicate underneath with your changes in italics and then in our meetings we can finalise that section together?
Any comments/ideas on report presentation posted in here:
Powerpoint? No real need for handouts?

Group ContractEdit

All members agree to the Group Contract.

Meeting TimesEdit

Time Availabilities For Extra Meetings


Friday 10th 12:30-1:30

Thursday 16th 1pm

Friday 17th 12:30-1:30

Friday 24th 9-9:30


Summary of your information posted in this section here

All info here

Reference List

Assessment Info

Report StructureEdit

Intro 1 minute
Personal Introductions
Brief 2 minutes
What it is? (background)
The movement (unions groups and labour groups)
Employee Welfare
Cost Effectiveness for Company 3 minutes
Why is it important? (Company and employee benefits - employee welfare)
Briefly explain ideas/proposal
Current Ideas 6 minutes
Volunteering (social responsibility, choice of charity)
Employee Health (yoga, gym, massage therapy, on site training room, healthy food catering)
Annual Camping Trip
Examples from other companies
What other companies are doing?

New Idea Camping/Sport Specific 1.5 minutes
Testing new Camping/Sport products - rewards for good behaviour
New Idea/Proposal
Recommendations/Conclusion 1.5 minutes
Total Time: 15mins



Type some info in here....

I'm not sure if this is totally correct, if you could look at this point..


Company VolunteeringEdit

Company IntegrationEdit

New Idea Camping/Sport SpecificEdit


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